SaSaZu Cooking School
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We are not only a restaurant. SaSaZu offers many other ways to peek into the world of faraway Asia and learn something from the local customs. Every month we organize cooking classes, where our chef Andy Tan transmits a little of his art. Together, we will spend a pleasant afternoon and learn how to prepare three Asian meals and one cocktail. How does the course work?

Are you still looking for the perfect gift? We have prepared something special for you and your closest. Give your beloved ones taste, sounds, smiles, happiness and love. Give a remarkable gift. Choose from our experience vouchers and find the right one! What we can offer? Cooking school classes where you can learn some magic from our executive head chef, degustation menu Taste of SaSaZu with the enchantments of Asian cuisine or trip to Sapa where you can explore the spirits of Asia. We are here for you!
2015 10 lunch
While having business lunch you want to keep focused on your business: discuss and negotiate, not to study the menu and spend three hours eating. We will therefore offer a special business menu that will be affordable and simple, yet offering a great variety of dishes. For example, the starter will be Cambodian, the main course will be from Vietnam, and the dessert from Singapore. You will travel all around Asia without leaving the table. As we say in SaSaZu: "Propose a deal in Cambodia, discuss details in Vietnam and shake hands in Singapore."