Idea for SaSaZu, the creation of our chef, was born in the streets of Southeast Asia. It is based on five Asian fusion cuisine cooking techniques - Sambal, Otak Otak, Flame, Roti and grill Tai Tai. With us you can taste the authentic atmosphere and energy of Asia. Just say when, where and leave the rest to us.

... let us be with you during your important moments.

SaSazu Catering will provide overall catering with service for a wide range of selected events.
  • Corporate event
  • Business meeting
  • Coffee break
  • Christmas party
  • Product launch
  • Conference
  • Banquet
Private & Family
  • Wedding
  • Birthday party
  • Graduation
  • Welcome / Goodbye party
  • Bachelor party

Why us

SaSaZu, The creation of our chef was born in the streets of Southeast Asia, local life, food, culture, tastes, colors, sounds, passion and customs.
It is based on five techniques and elements of Asian cooking - Sambal, Otak Otak, Flame, Roti, and Tai Tai Grill, all based on the freshest ingredients that are available in the destination of each and every SaSaZu.

What we bring to you
  • If you want your event to be special (and you do want that) you need more than “just” food
  • We bring you the energy and the atmosphere
  • We caught the Asian spirit and now we want to share it with you
  • Tell us just when and where and leave the rest to us