We are excited to invite you to our brand new concept:

SaSaZu Brunch!

Join us every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm.

Start your weekend enjoying our contemporary brunch & warm ambience with friends and family.

Featuring live Sushi & live cooking stations stations and a variety of hot & cold dishes to choose from, this brunch is not to be missed.

We unveil a buffet-style brunch that promises to tantalize your taste buds and redefine your weekend indulgence. Imagine an array of Asia's finest flavors, presented in a lavish spread that invites you to explore and savor to your heart's content. From the freshest sushi to the most aromatic curries, our buffet is a feast for the senses.

Hong Kong Roll
Bang Chang Roll
Seasonal Oysters

Selection of Maki
Selection of Nigiri

Saigon Roll
Tuna Tartare
Salmon Tartare
Creamy Salmon Tataki
Tuna Teriyaki Tataki
Beef Salad
Goma Salad
Mushroom Salad
Bamba Shrimps

Beef Skewers
Chicken Skewers
Prawn Skewers
Vegetable Spring Roll
Miso Soup

Traditional Indonesian Beef Rendang with steamed rice
Lamb Gulai with homemade bread
Phnom Penh Fish
Good Morning Beef
Cauliflower Steak
Chicken Tikka Masala
Prawn Balado

Coconut Tiramisu
Hazelnut Chocolate Tartlet
Coconut Mango Tartlet
Yuzu and Tonda Praline
Vegan Pavlova
Vegan Chocolate Mousse
Passion Fruit Cheesecake
Miso Caramel Crème brulee