We present to you Rice Table - the unique Indonesian dining experience

As known from many trendy Asian restaurants all over the world, the dish called Rice Table, as well Rijsttaffel, is a meal with origins in Indonesia. SaSaZu Prague proudly presents this concept to its customers as a first restaurant in Czech Republic.

Rice Table is an Indonesian meal adapted around 1880 by the Dutch colonials. It consists of many delicious and authentic dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in different ways. A traditional Rice Table is served on several dining tables and presents different dishes. In some fancy settings in Indonesia, each dish may be served by a separate waitress.

During its centuries of popularity in Dutch, lines of waitresses ceremoniously served the meal on platters with steaming bowls of fragrant foods. The first to be served was big bowl of rice on a large platter, which was placed in the center of the table. The servers then surrounded the rice platter with as many as 40 small bowls holding meat and vegetable dishes as well as delicate condiments.

Thanks to amazing variety of Rice Table you can discover unique tastes and reveal stories of Indonesian culture behind every dish with your friends or family members. Our team of professional chefs prepared 8 dishes (5 dishes in 2 person version) which will present the whole Rice Table dining experience in its best light and will give an homage to colourful Indonesian cuisine.

The Rice Table menu is available for take-away and delivery in Prague with Wolt. We created an easy way for the customers to finish the dishes in the comfort of their kitchen and enjoy it with the family and loved ones. The Rice Table menu will be delivered in 2 versions Ready to cook / Ready to eat. Ready to cook version comes in a SaSaZu box and food bags, which can be easily heated in a gently boiling water. Detailed instructions are attached and the preparation is very easy and comfortable.

We are looking forward to seeing you in SaSaZu soon,
your SaSaZu team

Gado gado salad
Boiled vegetables with peanut sauce
Pickled cabbage, carrot, beansprout salad in palm sugar and chilli dressing

Beef rendang
Traditional beef stew in spices, red chilli and coconut
Gulai kambing
Braised lamb leg in coconut milk, star anise, cinnamon and turmeric
Ayam bakar
Grilled boneless chicken leg, glazed with kecap manis
Pepes ikan
Twiced cooked fish in yellow curry wrapped in banana leaf
Sambal udang
Tiger prawns in red chilli, palm sugar and lime leave
Sayur lodeh
Eggplant, kohlrabi, green beans in coconut milk with galangal
Coconut rice Steamed rice in coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass
Steamed jasmine rice

Fried onion
Acar (cucumber pickled)
Sambal (chilli sauce)
Sambal kecap (sweet soya sambal)
Prawn crackers (krupuk)