Prague Bratislava

The evening starts with oysters and Malossol caviar paired with the exclusive taste of Ferrari Maximum Brut. After that your taste buds will experience the refreshing taste of the famous Thai Papaya Salad followed by famous SaSa Crispy Rolls with salmon and tuna wrapped in a nori sheet and paired with wasabi and black sesame sauce and delicate Bang Chang Morning Shrimp. These rolls will surprise you with a fresh taste of shrimp, citrus, mint, basil and lemon-coriander sauce. Paired with Rieslingem Smaragd „Vordersieber“ 2018 from famous Wachau region in Austria.

As the night goes on, you experince even more tastes to remember. Lobster Chao Fan, or lobster soup with dim sum and Hanoi Shrimps prepared in tempura with dashi-cream sauce paired with Bourgogne Chardonnay 2017, Maison de Montille create a combination that you will not forget. Bourgogne will be your place to stay for a little bit longer when you enjoy Pinot Noir 2016, Maison de Montille, together with the taste of real Asia. Phnom-Penh Fish or cod prepared in roti oven and Borobodur Beef Tataki are your next courses. Borobudur Beef Tataki will set you off for a trip to a Buddhist monastery deep in the jungles of Java. A great combination of USDA Prime beef Angus, daikon, shiso, beetroot, fried garlic and ponzu sauce.

You then move to Italian region of Piemonte and its exquisite Barolo 2012, Tenuta Cucco Cerrati. This full and delicious wine will be the perfect companion for Zu Tamarind Duck Gyoza and SaSaZu Fillet. The duck gyozas are pan fried dim sum with duck, oninon and hoisin sauce while the fillet combines USDA Prime beef with morel-mushroom sauce and rice.

Chocolate Ball, the specialty of SaSaZu chef Andy Tan, gives the final touch to this unforgettable night. Meringue, chocolate mouse, brownies and coffee crumble together with Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva are the grand finale.

Enjoy the authentic and luxury atmosphere and the extraordinary experience for all your senses that are just right to celebrate the last night of the year. The menu is set in a sharing style and is prepared for 2 people. Price per person is 4,950 CZK plus 10% service charge. Book your table for two or more and enjoy an unforgettable New Years Eve 2019!

Book your table via web form or email. Reservations can be made from 5 until 10 p.m. and the table is always set for 3 hours.

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