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The Year of the fire Rooster has passed. It was a year in the name of peace, hard work and curiosity. This year will be according to Chinese Lunar Calendar under the sign of Earth Dog. We are ahead of twelve months which will be symbolized by knowledge and justice. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” is the motto for the upcoming time.

The beginning of Chinese New Year is dated to 16th of February 2018 and the year ends the 4th of February 2019. This celebration is a major holiday for the Chinese and for the rest of Asians. During the feast the life in Asia seems to stop and the revelry lasts for a whole week. Everybody spends their time with families and they enjoy all the traditions connected to the celebrations. This feast is not only the end of the winter season, but also celebrates the coming of spring. It is sometimes referred to as the Lunar New Year because of his dating is determined by Chinese lunar calendar. The element of this year is Earth which should bring peace and sense of belonging to all.

One of the typical traditions for this feast is hanging envelopes with written wishes on the Wishing tree Lam Tsuen. People write their desires on the card and then they try to throw them at the branches of the tree. If the envelope with the ribbon sticks to the branches and does not fall, the wish will come true. There are many legends telling about all kinds of fulfilled wishes about miracle recoveries and other. The possibility to hang an envelope to a wishing tree will also be at our restaurant.

These holidays are also celebrated with delicious meals. All kinds of special dishes are served and goods with unique symbolism. For example, oranges and mandarins (always in a pair, because inequality brings unhappiness) should bring abundance, rice guarantees harmony, red chili peppers symbolize good luck, Chinese radish or traditional spirit jui bring longevity.

The diner is a selection of traditional dishes and serving fish, pork, duck or a rice cake (nian gao). Not everyone eats meat the first day, some people are refusing to eat meat, because every year is dedicated to a different animal. The tradition is to serve fish and chicken in one peace to the table as a reminder of unity and prosperity.

Come discover the tastes of Chinese New Year at SaSaZu restaurant. We created a special menu that will wake up your spirit of celebration. Experience the true Chinese traditions that will bring happiness, health and success in the new lunar year to you and your family. Our wishing tree will fulfil all of your desires and the atmosphere that will bring your senses all the way to the heart of China.

The menu will be served in the restaurant from 16.2.2018 til 24.2.2018. Ask your waiter. We accept reservations at or +420 284 097 455. The celebrations are powered by AsianFest 2018.

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