Prague Bratislava

SaSaZu is proud to introduce the jewel of American farmers: Prime, the highest designation beef awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), meat with the maximum delicacy, juiciness and pronounced marbling. We searched through endless pastures and fields of the faraway country in the US State of Nebraska and we chose high standard of Black Angus which we are bringing to SaSaZu. Our chef Andy Tan created a menu built on the delicacy taste of the greatest meat brought from over seas to please your taste buds. Let us amaze you by the magics of nature in the wonderful texture of the meat which could be a masterpiece itself. Combined with the imagination of our chef we are pleased to offer you the gastronomical experience to remember. At SaSaZu, each cut of the marvellous meat is hand picked and hand trimmed. Beef chosen by the Greater Omaha Packers Company, professionals known for maintaining excellent quality for decades. Choose your own way of enchantment from our special menu!

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