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We are not only a restaurant. SaSaZu offers many other ways to peek into the world of faraway Asia and learn something from the local customs. Every month we organize cooking classes, where our chef Andy Tan transmits a little of his art. Together, we will spend a pleasant afternoon and learn how to prepare three Asian meals and one cocktail. How does the course work?

We present not only refined dishes made from quality and fresh ingredients, but also a lifestyle. The restaurant and its atmosphere is part of our identity. We provide our customers not only a place where you can enjoy Asian cuisine, but we also offer the possibility to look into the world of Asia a little deeper. One of these possibility is participating in our cooking classes.

Course dates are organized at least once a month. It is always a Saturday afternoon and the place of happening is right in the restaurant. All participants must first purchase a valid voucher and subsequently registered on a certain date. The course leads our chef Andy Tan himself and his assistants.

There are three traditional Asian dishes on a program that day. Participants receive a small cookbook, which lists all the ingredients and there is space for typing in your own notes. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients, spices and all the dishes that will be needed for you. Mentoring takes place primarily in English, but for English non-speakers we continuously translate.

We start with the preparation of rolls followed by preparation of two main meals. How to properly roll a roll or how to pack all the ingredients to make everything fit just fine. What ingredients of main dishes are added first, what should be the temperature of the pan, how fast should you cook the meal... Chef Andy Tan demonstrates the different steps on how to proceed and his assistants are always on hand for advice or recommendations. We cook, we taste, we use spices and then taste again.

All together we eat our prepared dishes and afterwards we move on to the bar, where we prepare one of our signature drinks with our bartender. You can stand directly behind our bar and prepare the drinks exactly per our recipe. It is also followed by tasting, of course.

Andy Tan is delighted to welcome you at our classes and transmit his recipes and tricks. He enjoys the personal approach and the classes are his joy. Him and whole SaSaZu team effort to provide an innovative experience that you will remember. Check out the new dates and register today! We look forward to you!

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